Tuesday, November 15, 2011

good food: heavenly applesauce

This is not the applesauce of your childhood. This is applesauce for more grown up and refined pallets. This is how it should taste.

My roommate sent me this review on Monday after eating applesauce and pancakes for breakfast:

Officially the sunrise was at 6:49 AM today, but the almost 10,000 taste buds dancing on my tongue, in their Ann of Green Gables voice, declared to my brain that “God is in His Heaven and all is right with the world” around 8:44 AM, as the first morsels of oatmeal pancake and heavenly applesauce, slide off my fork.   Is it really the type of food that makes it comfort food, the rituals associated with the preparing and eating of the food or is it when someone reaches into all that is and was good about their life experiences and with fond memories prepares a dish that reminds you that it’s a great time to be alive.  -LP on 14 November 2011

I think that's a more than sufficient introduction. So, here is the recipe for...

Heavenly Applesauce
1. In a medium saucepan pour 1/4 cup of water and start it heating.
2. Add 4 (or more, I filled up the pan) peeled, large apples (I've been using Golden Delicious), cut up into small slices.
3. Add about an 1/8 (more or less) cup of turbinado sugar, just enough to pull out the natural sweetness of the apples. Add more sugar if you use a tart apple.
4. Add cinnamon as desired.
5. Cook until it's all mushy and yummy. Basically, as you cook the apples and stir them regularly, they will make themselves into sauce. I usually leave it on the stove on medium-low for about an hour and a half stirring regularly until I feel it's the right consistency.
6. I let it cool a bit before eating. It's best eaten warm.
7. Eat with these pancakes and your taste buds, too, will talk to you in an Anne of Green Gables voice.

A variation:
Champagne Applesauce - A previous roommate once received a small bottle of champagne as a wedding favor. She used the whole bottle as the liquid for the applesauce and it was absolutely divine. Absolutely divine! I still dream about this applesauce.


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