Monday, November 21, 2011

things that made me smile

* a potluck luncheon eaten outside on sunday afternoon with good friends from church. it was a gorgeous fall day filled with good food, great friends and conversation. can't wait for the next one.

* a dog who has proclaimed himself my new best friend. and who wouldn't leave me alone when i came home really upset and fell asleep on the couch with one hand on him as he lay near me. he kept checking to make sure i was okay and even moved up to the bedroom floor when i went upstairs as 4 a.m. and cried myself back to sleep. it was nice to not feel so alone in those moments of being upset.

* seeing friends who recenly returned from deployments or had spouses return from deployments. their happiness and joy at safe returns made me smile. i'm grateful for their sacrifices.

* hanging out for an evening with some of my brother and sister chief petty officers. it was fun to be together  to celebrate this year's new chiefs and take off "the boot."

* more gardening. almost ready to start planting.

* The Big Bang Theory. this show makes me laugh every time. it is therapeutic.

* sunshine. and gorgeous weather.

* reading good stuff: The Good Earth, Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Book Got Wrong.

* having friday off and being able to spend time with a friend, working on healing and letting go.

* next week is thanksgiving. and i'm feeling a little lonesome for family, but very thankful for my dc family. i am so blessed to have such good friends.

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Angela said...

Awe, these things made me smile, too:-) I love that dog story, what a sweet animal. Looks like I need to check out Big Bang Theory!