Wednesday, November 2, 2011

my comfy chair

 for a while now i've been dreaming of a comfy chair in my bedroom. this summer, when i moved into my fabulous new house, i began to sell some things on craigslist and started the comfy-chair fund.

a couple of weeks ago, my dream chair came home with me.
i love my new chair from ikea, it seriously makes me happy.

i paired the chair with:
one of the rugs i bought in afghanistan, 
and my silver adjustable lamp. 
dad, the little red bird you gave me for christmas last year is hanging from the lamp.
all i need is a small side table to set my cup of chamomile-spearmint tea and i'm set.

oh, and the color tabs on the wall...
well i've almost convinced myself not to repaint...

1 comment:

deb sorensen said...

wahoo comfort! It's cute, too.