Monday, November 28, 2011

things that made me smile this week

* a telephone message from brother R1's family. they passed the phone around to each person, who said, "happy thanksgiving!" it was a fun message, especially from the youngest who was trying so hard to get my name right. i love my family.

* the Muppets movie. i laughed and cried during this movie. it was so fun to see the Muppets again and to feel of the innocence and joyfulness they embody. disney got this movie right.

* new orange suede platform heels. they're so pretty and fun to wear.

* catching up with a good friend -- grown-up woman to woman talk, fantastic shopping (awesome boots). basically just all around great company. oh, and hearing about her boldness with a man just made me smile and feel so proud of her.

* thanksgiving spent with good friends, good food, baking pies and playing games. i'm so thankful for my dc family.

* gardening again this weekend. both the front and back gardens are ready for winter. i planted 70+ bulbs in the front and can't wait for the show to begin. the front garden is also pretty much ready for some serious planting next spring. the back is ready for some work to begin to rescue it.

* eating chocolate pecan pie while sitting on my front steps while taking a break from gardening.

* an overwhelming sense of gratitude about my life right now. i've come so far this year. it's been a tough year filled with lots of hard lessons and good things, that have been totally life changing. i'm so much more solid in who i am and what i want. i'm so thankful for ALL my experiences this year.

* walking to work each morning across campus, just makes me smile. i'm so excited for my new job and very thankful for all the help i'm getting so i can be successful.

* homemade pancit and lumpia. seriously good stuff. i'll be making some soon and sharing recipes.

* a week with the house all to myself, alone time is a good thing.

* missing my roommate and her dog Josiah. it's nice to have people to miss.

* lots of scripture study and time to ponder. i listened to the book of mormon on my ipod while i gardened on saturday, and it was really nice accompaniment to my day.

* watching sunrises in my bedroom.

* assisting a friend do some spiritual-healing release therapies. i've always wanted to tap into this and it's been fun to realize how much i already know and can do. the best part is realizing that intuitively i know what to do to help her and that i will be able to help others.

* "hello, my name is christine, and i'm addicted to kitchen gadgets..." my sister, the pampered chef consultant, is my enabler.

* lots of upcoming musical performances and plays to attend this month. so excited!

* waking up early. (wow! never thought i'd say that one.)

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