Tuesday, November 8, 2011

things that made me smile this week

*the morning mist rising up through brightly colored trees along weems creek. it's my favorite part of the new commute.

*turning back the clock and waking up to sunshine.

*giving into an indulgence: watching the martha stewart show at work. (i'm all by myself in the office usually, so no one complains.)

*my nephew G's prayer as related to me by brother R2: "thank you heavenly father that i'm not a robot and can bend my neck." he stands up and bends his neck to make sure, and then kneels down again. "thank you heavenly father i'm not a robot and can bend my stomach." again he stands up, then bends at the waist to make sure.  it's good to be thankful for the little things, like being human. (oh, and somebody needs to check mom and make sure she's not a robot!)

*treating myself to dinner at le pain quotidien. i love this place! it has such a great atmosphere, beautiful music playing and seriously good food. i always feel so decadent eating there, but the food is super healthy. i set aside a couple of hours, bring a good book and just enjoy my dinner.

*watching a friend's life change as she works on changing her self perspective for the better. and being a part of the change. keep up the great work!!

*free cupcakes from Sprinkles! yes, there is now a geo-town location. sprinkles was the first bakery to feature only cupcakes. i always say the original is best, and these are no exception: perfectly moist, flavorful cake, not too sweet frosting and fun cupcake forks.

*the swooshing noise as i walk through dry leaves. i know i said this last week, but it's seriously one of my favorite sounds.

*becoming more aware of how involved god is in my life. it's nice recognizing him in my life and gives me a lot of comfort and faith.

*the anticipation of a day off this friday.

*i'm listening to lds general conference on my ipod during my morning commute. it sets such a great tone for my day. i'm so glad i have my ipod.

*cooking a good dinner on sunday. i made pan fried pork chops with gravy from drippings in the skillet. acorn and butternut squash puree with butter, salt and a little all spice. trader joe's peas with mint butter. homemade applesauce from golden delicious apples with a little turbinado sugar and cinnamon. good food always makes me smile. and i have leftovers for lunches this week.

*my roommate was away unexpectedly one night last week, and i was left with josiah. i left him asleep on the rug in the hallway and woke up to him on the floor next to my bed the next morning. i almost stepped on him. i love how much this dog loves me and i love him right back.

*a phone conversation with a great friend with whom i haven't spoken in years. it was so nice to catch up and hear her voice. hugs to you CJ!!

*it's november and the holiday season is upon us. i'm planning the decor in my head already.