Monday, November 14, 2011

things that made me smile this week

* yes, i know it's a repeat... walking through the leaves and hearing that swooshing noise. it just makes me feel  like a little kid.

* new beginnings and full activity.

* reading books.

* dinners with my housemate. it's nice to have someone to talk with over dinner.

* gardening. i removed the blue spruce bushes from the front garden. it already looks amazing! i'm so excited for the possibilities.

* my mom sent me my birthday present 5 months in advance. i have a bag of forty daffodil bulbs to plant in my front and back gardens. i'm so excited. (i might share some with the neighbors, because i bought bulbs from the capitol hill garden club at eastern market a few weeks as well.)

* getting moments of organizational genius. thank you!

* brunch with good friends at eastern market. lots of fresh produce. apples. apples. apples.

* clean laundry.

* i called brother R2 and my littlest niece L answered the phone with her dad's help. all she said over and over was: "hi. Hi. HI." i love it.

* shopping for tickets home.

* Uggs. i know they're so ugly, they're cute, but what they do for my feet is amazing. everyone needs a pair of these boots. heaven for your feet.

* nephew L singing his favorite song to me over the phone: I Am A Child of God. he was telling me all about his part in the primary program from church today and just had to sing his favorite song to me. love this boy!

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