Tuesday, May 17, 2011

adventures with birds

so i had birds in my furnace room.

a mother bird had squeezed her way in under the back porch support beams and built her nest up high in a corner. it was a good place to build a nest. very secure from the weather and critters lookin' for a meal. unfortunately it was a bit too secure, 'cause there was no way out.

i knew there was something in there yesterday, because i could hear it scratching and screeching. i did open the door yesterday and look around, but i didn't see the birds. i looked this morning, because i could hear something crying in there, but again i didn't see anything.

by the time i got home this afternoon with my friend DC who volunteered to help me, the mama bird had exhausted herself to death and baby birds were left without a provider. i feel so bad, because mama was absolutely frantic to get out, which was what i was hearing yesterday that sounded like something climbing up the back of the door and trying to get out.

DC helped me remove mama bird and one of the babies. the other baby hid and then when i heard it and went back into the furnace room to look for it, it hopped up into the kitchen and went back behind the washer and dryer. one of my upstairs neighbors came down and helped me shoo it out into a plastic bag which i took outside in the tall grass under a tree and release by his brother bird.

now both birds are in the grass.
if you look close you can see the little bird in the center of the photo.

 totally scared.
this one is already half dead. :(

totally helpless.

totally cute.
doesn't this one look like the black bomb bird on angry birds?

and a friend is on his way over to take care of them.
don't ask, 'cause you really don't want to know. it's not a happy ending.

good news: my friend thinks that one of the birds has a chance of making it.

photo from here
i really hope there's no such thing as bird karma, 
'cause i'd hate to be on the receiving end of angry birds.


Tara said...

glad you found out what it was. sad. :-(

wilybrunette said...

oh no i hope they both make it!! i once had an experience with pigeons. roosting in my room (kinda). not good not good at all.