Sunday, May 22, 2011

things that made me smile this week

lilacs and pale pink carnations on my table filling my home with the aroma of springtime and heaven.

going through stuff and getting rid of it, i.e., donations to charity or selling.

the possibility of moving to a house with lots of light and garden space.

holding friend b's three month old baby girl at church today - pure delight and love.

dinner with ts at ted's bulletin (oh yum). she's afraid of gremlins in the dark and i'm afraid of monsters in the dark. lots of good conversation.

oven pancakes with fresh raspberries... this time not at 2 am.

after a few days of rain - SUNSHINE and shorts!

sleeping with the windows open.

banana-blueberry smoothies for breakfast.

eastern market for lunch, a good book to read and a bench in the sun on saturday.

friend tst's graduation party - such a joyous celebration of her and her life. it was fun to see family and friends come together to celebrate such a wonderful person.

a new hat.

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