Monday, May 9, 2011

thank you

several people lately have said to me that they enjoy reading my blog, that it's one of the blogs that gets them through their day at work, or as my dad said, you need to write more and write about the fish you had for dinner at the inn at harlech castle in wales.

i started the blog in fall 2007 as i was preparing to deploy to afghanistan. i wanted a way to let my family and friends know what was going on with me, and a blog seemed easier to manage than an email list. i enjoyed sharing my adventures there and kept on sharing after i returned home to washington, dc. this has become a bit of a public journal for me to let friends and family know about my adventures and to share my writing.

i enjoy writing a lot. i'm working on more things to write. lately, most of my writing is so personal about things i'm sorting through in my head and heart, that quite frankly i'm a bit scared to post it publicly. i'm working on that and as i do, i'll share more of my writing and tell more stories.

well, in the spirit of writing something today, i just want to write a thank you note to my readers. i love that you read and enjoy my blog. it really does make me smile when i read your comments. so, thanks a million for reading and commenting.

p.s. don't worry dad, i'll write more and eventually share the fish story.

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sylvia/ticklethepear said...

Thank YOU for your blog - and most of all your friendship!