Wednesday, May 4, 2011

three things

three things today that made smile

1. i woke up without a headache after going to sleep with one. tylenol pm really works!

2. i listened to my ipod at work while working on a brief all day long that i finally finished a few minutes ago and sent off for approval.

3. the anticipation of a phone call.

4. looking at my family calendar hanging at my desk and thinking that i have the awesome-est family in the whole wide world.

5. the sun came this afternoon after the rain this morning.

6. i'm wearing a new shirt and cardigan today and i feel cute.

7. i'm going grocery shopping after work and have plans to buy some really yummy ingredients for some super yummy food.

8. i brought my workout gear and will get in a good sweat before heading to the grocery store.

okay, that's more than three, but i just couldn't stop myself. a good day all around.

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