Monday, May 23, 2011

a little more quiet

from country living
i enjoy living on my own. it's nice having my own space that i can have however i want. it's nice to have quiet when i need it and to have the liberty to be in various states of dress whenever i like. i like having my own home where i am surrounded by things i love that all have a story behind them.

i enjoy human interaction, and sometimes in my single state it can be quite lacking. i have gotten used to having the television on just to have another voice in the apartment. i enjoy a good show and there are a few out there. it's fun to discuss what i watch with family and friends. but over the past few months, i have unconsciously used the television more and more, until now i am so used to having noise in the background that when it is quiet, i have a hard time concentrating.

so, this week, i am cancelling the cable and turning in the dvr box. (hello extra $80+ a month!) i want to get used to being quiet, listening to my extensive music collection, working on projects, and reading a lot more. i want my entertainment to be diverse and not come from one source.  i want tv to have a smaller role in my life.

i've been reading the happiness project by gretchen rubin. her philosophy is to be happy where you are and look for ways to enhance that happiness. as i looked at things in my life which effect my happiness, i realized that having the tv on as much as i do was not contributing to my happiness. realizing that i had become so dependent on it for background noise which eventually made it harder for me to be quiet made me sit up, take notice and make a change.

i also want to create a space where i can more clearly hear my own voice and the voice of my heavenly father. i feel like i've been blocking them out for a while now and it's time to spend time listening to these voice instead. i'm looking forward to this.

so, here's to
quiet time
creative time
listening time
and to time spent on the front porch in a hammock (someday).


Angela said...

Wonderful:) We all need more quiet time to think and listen.

Kristi said...

The quiet time sounds lovely!