Monday, May 30, 2011


crazy.  chaotic.  totally.  fabulous.  free.  crush.  smelly.  inspiring.  surprising.  fun.

freedom tower at ground zero

ground zero

before the actor's workshop

during the actor's workshop

walking to times square

everywhere you look there are...

architectural surprises 

madison square gardens

more suprises

a venetian inspired surprise

we watched this musical - pretty awesome.

name that movie:
"life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get."
lunch at bubba gump's

real life and model. which is which?
this guy's hair is fabulous.

rockefeller plaza with my charges for the day.

rockefeller tower

the lego store had lots of fun things to look at.

so many legos to choose in every color, shape and type

the lego dragon. and check out the lego lights.

the iconic entrance to radio city music hall

the carpet at rcmh

artwork in the grand entrance

the men's washroom at rmch

a corner of the guest book in the private rmch apartment

the rmch grand foyer and members of cirque du soleil  rehearsing

an entrance to the rockefeller tower

panorama from the top of the rockefeller tower

another panorama from the top of the rock

yes, that's the empire state building in the background

the hershey's store at times square.
this is for you tara!

it was fleet week in nyc - so lots of sailors.

times square at night

awesome neon
i'm hooked and i can't wait to go back.


Tanya said...

Looks fun! Though... I'm wondering why you have a photo of the MEN'S washroom....

christine said...

@Tanya: Because it was part of the tour and I can always get a photo of the women's washroom...

Tanya said...

Well, that's less creepy then. Though still slightly odd.... ;-)

Tara said...

I was going to ask the same thing! So glad you had fun!!