Monday, June 7, 2010

37 years is a very long time

37 years is a very long time.
(i'll find out soon enough next year.)

mom and dad have made it through
a lot of lovin' times,
good times,
cryin' times,
laughin' times
and rough times.
lots of love, laughter, joy and tears.

we put them through a lot.
they survived:
me coming along nine monts and four days after they got married!
raising six kids
lots of emergency trips to dr. g's for stitches
chickens, cows, rabbits, goats, dogs and cats, oh my
four of us were teenagers at all at once, oh help
three of us serving missions at one time
having all three of us move back home at the same time
all six served missions
driver's education and learner's permits, yikes
numerous car wrecks by two daughters, yep me and my sis
countless practical jokes
lots of dating
raising kids, animals and a garden
lots and lots of firewood cutting and stacking
four weddings, so far
eleven grandkids, so far
losing a child
a daughter deploying
kids moving away from home
grandkids coming for visits
much, much more.

all i can say today is
congratulations on 37 years mom and dad.

i love you both.

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