Thursday, June 3, 2010

reasons to car pool

This is a very serious post about the advantages of carpooling.
Heck, with all the problems that come from oil consumption,
there are actually some really good reasons to car pool:

10.  One less car on the road
9.  Company while traveling
8.  Able to use the car pool lanes during rush hour
7.  Save $$$$ on parking
6.  Save time by using car pool lanes
5.  Reduce carbon footprint
4.  Way more fun than going alone
3.  Use less gas
2.  Save $$$$ on gas

And the number one best reason ever for carpooling:

'Cause heaven knows you wouldn't want to ride alone with Hitler!

I love WWII motivational posters.  :)


C in DC said...

How funny!

You left out
11. Listening to 2 little ones sing along with a CD.

ginger said...

I've never been so motivated!

Wayne said...

I didn't know they made posters of me in WWII. I was called Hitler once too. You should tell that story also.