Tuesday, June 29, 2010

making a home - bedroom

last night i came home to this.
and before the contents of this huge box take over my bedroom,
i thought i would finally get around to showing how i pulled my bedroom together.
i like to keep things simple, with clean lines to minimize distractions.

the bedroom is long and narrow and that means
the only place to put a queen size bed is under the windows.
my beautiful wrought iron headboard wouldn't work in this room
(and sits in storage at the moment)
with the radiator on the right forcing me keep my bed about six inches from the wall.

the simple solution:
a cute white, bead-board top, console table from here.
(sorry, it's no longer in stock)
 it also has two drawers, so it will be the perfect vanity someday.
in this narrow room there isn't room for a lamp table,
but this one holds all my necessities: reading lamp and materials, family photos,
and of course, spencer bear and coco my chocolate-lab puppy.

these two always stay close by.
spencer bear has been my buddy for a long time.
my mom sent me coco when i was in afghanistan.
the lamp is from here.

photos of some of my favorite girls, and my guardian angel.
the square tulip cup is from england, perfect for holding ear plugs.
(i love english china.)

my grandmother's hope chest is on the right side of the room just inside the door,
and is the perfect storage place for sheets and blankets.
i polished it up and topped it with a pashmina wrap from afghanistan
and a collection of black and white photos from england from my friend mike.

a monet print gives a calming pop of color. i love monet.
the bedroom door sort of hides the storage stack in the corner.
(i haven't found the perfect white storage cupboard yet.)

see that huge monstrosity on the right.
if it wasn't my AC unit, i would totally hate it.
because is pours out cool air i only hate it a little.
but it really does take over the whole room.
(at least it's portable and i can hide it away when i don't need it.)

i love my room, it's calm and light. it has windows.
i have the hand-quilted double irish chain quilt my mother made for me on my bed.
it's like a hug every night from my mom.

and that completes the tour of the bedroom.
(my sister-in-law was bugging me for this one.)

p.s. i love my cordless blinds from here and the microsuede blackout curtains from here.
i hemmed the curtains up for the perfect length and added some brown ribbon for ties.
oh, on the left i have a tall white dresser with silver handles.
i like white furniture for the bedroom.

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Angela said...

Your room is so cozy and welcoming!