Friday, June 4, 2010

*good* stuff

the weekend is off to a *good* start
with lots of *good* stuff.

an early morning run around capitol hill.
my muscles hurt--such a *good* feeling.

image via here
the pizza here is sooooooooo *good*.
the crust guy is un maestro e bellismo.
p.s. he speaks italian.

image via here
yummy moist *good*-ness in every bite.

more *good* stuff to come.

much needed *good* quiet time will be spent here.

a *good* tour here, 'cause cemeteries are way cool.

image via
i get to listen to this *good* man teach on sunday!
he's a disciple of christ, a modern day apostle.

so much *good* stuff this weekend.
it's gonna be *good*.


Kendra Sue said...

Christine! I always see your comments on Tara's blog, followed it right over to this one. I am so jealous that you are living in Washington D.C. It is gorgeous there. I went in highschool once and loved it. I bet their is so many tourists though. Well, just thought I'd say hi. Haven't done so in years. :)

Kendra Sue said...

I spelled there wrong... that bugs me sorry.

Angela said...

What a fabulous weekend! You know how to treat yourself right. Did you take notes from Elder Holland--fill me in:)