Monday, June 28, 2010

wtb - week 17

Ladies, y'all understand when it's that time of the month there's no way any of us want to get on a scale.  And you also know that there really is only one cure for PMS--Chocolate!!  M&M's are often my happy pills of choice. 

One of my favorite chocolate-food combinations is chocolate with pretzel.  The salty crunch of the pretzel with the creamy smoothness of the chocolate is heaven to my taste buds, but not the waistline.  When I saw the new Pretzel M&M's I had to try them.  The great news is that they taste great and each bag is only 150 calories! When compared to 240 calories for the Milk Chocolate M&M's or 250 calories for the Peanut M&M's, 150 calories is awesome news.  Who knew M&M's were counting calories too. 

Y'all know what this means?  I can eat a bag of Pretzel M&M's and spend a little less time on the ellyptical... or not.  Yay!

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I ♥ M&M's.

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Angela said...

It's so funny that women crave salty/sweet and chocolate during that time! I totally do too. Those M&M's sound really good (I don't like M&M's in general but the peanut butter ones are to die for).

Yum! :)