Wednesday, June 2, 2010

winning the battle - week 12

I've been at the same weight for two weeks now.  This is encouraging, because I'm maintaining, but I would like to lose a few more pounds.  I'm hoping that this week with my resumed workouts and better food choices, I'll make a dent in things.  I'll let you know.

I love three-day holiday weekends.  Sleep is so important and I got to play, or rather sleep catch up this weekend.  It was nice.  I've definitely noticed that when I get close to eight hours of sleep that my body is happier.  I'm happier.  My brain is happier.  My appetite is also happier and more settled.  I don't feel like I'm compensating for a lack of sleep with more eating. 

When I'm well rested, I crave more healthy foods.  Fruits and veggies with the right amounts of proteins and grains, and a good solid sleep all serve to make me a happy girl.  Plus I really do need my beauty sleep.


Angela said...

It's so interesting that you mentioned sleep being such an important part of weight loss. I just read an article on that very thing!

Cha said...

Go Christine! I'm in a similar race. Good to know we're in this together--here's to victory! Hang in there.