Monday, December 27, 2010

christmas recap

I was in heaven this weekend playing with my nephew, Ghent, who has the best imagine ever (see previous post). My niece, Lily, is a little sweet heart and loves to play with toys and watch her brother act out his adventures. Here's a few more highlights:

At the airport--
Dad (Rob): Ghent, look there's Aunt Christine.
Ghent: Is that really Christine?
Me on my knees giving him a hug: Hi, Ghent. It's me Christine.
Ghent while hugging me: Dad, is it really Aunt Christine?
Dad: Yes, it's your Aunt Christine.
His face, when he realized it was me, was so precious.

And no I didn't wear the Iron Mask at the airport!


Ghent, who LOVES cookies asked me if he could have a cookie. I sat down on the floor to go through my bag and pulled out the tin of homemade cookies I had brought with me. He looked through the clear plastic top at all the homemade cookies and his eyes got really big and excited. As I tried to open the tin, I realized that with the altitude changes from my earlier travels a vacuume had been created. We had to let the tin warm up a bit and then Dad (Rob) had to help get things open, spilling most of the cookies on the floor (10-second rule!) after the lid unexpectedly popped off. Ghent was a little disappointed by the ineptitude of the adults in his life at that moment.


Each Christmas Eve, my dad reads the Christmas story from Luke and expounds upon Christmas, while reclining in his chair. This year he was in southern Utah at my brother Jon's house. So, my brother, Rob, having previously decided that I needed to experience a Paradise Christmas, came out dressed in bib-overalls with a pillow stuffed in for his belly, walked over to his recliner, popped the foot stand out and got ready to read the Christmas story. After we all stopped laughing, it was a pretty special moment, because he kept stoppping to ask my nephew questions and explain parts of the story. Ghent knew everything about the story and elaborated on some of the details. "Was there room in the inn?" "No, everyone was busy." "Why did Mary need a room?" "Oh, she was tired."


Nickolee and I were sitting in the living room after Ghent had gone to bed. We were laughing and talking, but not being very quiet. From the bedroom, we hear in a very authoritative young voice... "You guys are being too loud. Santa will hear you. Santa Claus can't come until you're all asleep. So be quiet!"


Lilly (at about three in the morning): waaagh. waaagh. waaagh.
Me (on the couch, listening for several minutes): I wonder if Rob and Nickolee will hear her... I wonder what time it is... Oh, come on you guys, it's been like 15 minutes... Do you just let your kids cry...? How can you sleep through that...?

Finally, I move from the couch and get Lilly out of bed. She latches on my neck with her mouth and starts sucking, but stops after realizing there's nothing there. I wake up the parents and hand her over to Mom, who has to go to the bathroom. Left alone with Dad and realizing her food source is gone, she expresses her sharp displeasure.


Ghent: Why are you an ant?
Me: Oh, you mean why am I called Aunt Christine?
Ghent: nods with a confused look on his face.
Me: Well, do you remember Uncle Jon? Well, he's your daddy's brother, so we call him Uncle Jon. I'm your daddy's sister, so I am Aunt Christine.
Ghent: ????? (looking even more confused now)
A few minutes later:
Ghent: Christine, you're a talking ant.
Me: Oh, and what are you?
Ghent: I'm a talking bee.
Me (laughing so hard and trying not show it): Okay, I'm a talking ant. What is Lily?
Ghent: She's a talking butterfly.
Me: What are mom and dad?
Ghent: They're ladybugs!


Lily loves attention and absolutely adores her brother. I've never seen her smile so big as when Ghent and Dad sing to her:
    Lilly-pop, Lilly-pop, oh, Lily-lolly-pop!
    Lilly-pop, Lilly-pop, oh, Lily-lolly-pop!
    Come and be my Lily-pop, and tell you why
    Kisses sweeter than apple pie
Ghent even replaces the words "apple pie" with other things he likes that are sweet. So cute!


Oh, what a grand Christmas weekend! It's so fun to be with family for the holidays. Christmas is just that much sweeter and fun with little children who believe in the magic of Christmas. It's even better when adults get pulled into the magic like I did as I played with Ghent. His imagination is so much fun and the way he puts the world together is fascinating. I hope I always remember the magic of Christmas, especially through the eyes of a child.

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Angela said...

What a fun Christmas! It's so much fun with children!