Saturday, December 4, 2010


i love paper.

good thick paper
elegant pens
with slender nibs skimming along
spilling out dark, satiny ink
to spell the secrets of my heart
in best wishes to friends and family.

mistletoe baby looking for someone to share the warmth

don't you wonder what she's seeing?

what cute little angels delivering christmas cheer.

i, for one, will be mailing cards of paper this year
and while i appreciate efforts to go green,
just call me old-fashioned 'cause
good thick paper and ink get me every time.

plus, i love opening envelopes
and seeing what's inside,
getting the update on your life,
and holding christmas wishes in my hands.
it does my heart good.

1 comment:

wilybrunette said...

paper and pen it is! christmas greetings via email or the like...i don't think so!