Monday, December 13, 2010

more lights

This year I'm determined to see as much of the city in its Christmas finery as I can.

Out and about Union Station the other evening.

A really big fake tree which is a gift from Norway
in gratitude for help received during WWII.

Birds keep warm by lining the arches of the main entrance to the station.
Their song echoes off the arches and is a charming welcome,
just watch your step.
All lit up and nowhere to go...

An office building by the station with garlands of pine and holly.

The only Nativity I've seen that's not at a church.
Thank you Ebenezers.

A clumsy, artitistic photo of Christmas ligts on a fence.
Kind of cool.

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Angela said...

I love the photos you've been taking in this series! It makes me a wee bit homesick for D.C. right now:) Probably why I've been watching the West Wing lately too. Connection? Perhaps!