Thursday, December 9, 2010

gift ideas for grownups

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these make great travel journals
and are the perfect pocket size.

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such a pretty pitcher. in two sizes.

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 if, for some reason, they need a timer that can hang from a necklace this one is nice and made in italy.

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if they love photography and history,
they'll love this book.
my review here

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now these are slippers... wicked good slippers.

tickets here
tickets to see this on broadway would be nice
or tickets to any upcoming show in the area would be nice too.

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if writing upside down is needed,
here's the astronaut pen

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each measuring cup is a flower. so pretty.

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down home cooking for the men and for girls night too.
bonus material includes photos of wrangler butts

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everyone has all these digital photos they never print for display and now they don't have to.

1 comment:

Angela said...

Oh, you have such good taste. I adore the pitcher. And the cook book. And I could go on.

I think I might get the PW cookbook for my sisters and mom.