Wednesday, December 15, 2010

it will be christmas when...

Today I feel very far away from my family.

I want to be able to jump in my car and be with there in five minutes to sit around the table eating dinner and watching little faces, to enjoy conversation with my brothers and sister and their spouses, to read books, play games, play dress-up and rough house with the nieces and nephews, and to kneel with them for family prayer.

My brother Rob called today. He's good at checking in with me regularly and it helps me not feel so far away. His boy Ghent is so excited for Christmas. He wants to open every present under the tree, but he's been told that he has to wait until Aunt Christine arrives to open presents. Why? Because it will be Christmas when Aunt Christine arrives!

Yay!  It will be Christmas when Aunt Christine arrives. That makes me happy, and the distance feel a bit shorter. I will get to see these two little munchkins next weekend, when I arrive and it's Christmas.

The whole family dressed up as the Fantastic Mr. Fox family for Halloween.
Mom made their costumes--sooo cute!

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Angela said...

So cute! Their little faces are precious. I bet you cannot wait to see them!