Thursday, December 23, 2010

a muppet christmas carol

Michael Caine as Scrooge and the Muppets filling in for all the rest of the characters.  I smile just thinking of this movie, A Muppet Christmas Carol. Gonzo is fabulous as the narrator Charles Dickens. In spite of the fact that this is a musical, it's one of the more faithful version to the original written by Charles Dickens.

This story shows some of the greatest truths ever.  It's never too late to change for the better. And each person has the capacity for kindness and love.

Thank you KC for introducing me to this little gem of a movie.

Watch it here.


Tanya S. said...

I just watched it on Tuesday, for the first time in many years. Still awesome :-)

Angela said...

This is the best! Did you catch the carolers that bop each other? My favorite part to watch on repeat.