Tuesday, December 7, 2010

gifts for the kidlets

i love shopping for kidlets. it's so fun!
i went shopping for a secret santa
and found some fun ideas to share.

buy it here
 a friend with twin girls recommended the
so cute!

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our family is a fan of uno, and
looks like a fun variation for the kidlets.
instead of matching numbers & colors,
they match animals and colors!

buy them here
 a niece asked for
they come in all colors and collections.

buy them here

why one dozen FOAM SWORDS you ask?
because you need another sword in the room to have a sword fight
and imagine how much fun 12 of these things could be...
okay, maybe not.
these were a hit in my family when grampa gave them out.

~~~~ * ~~~~

a tradition:
my sister's husband brought this tradition into our family.
their children only get three presents, because that's how many baby jesus received.
and one of the gifts is handmade.

p.s. amazon does not know i exist.

1 comment:

Angela said...

I love it! Secret Santa's are so wonderful:) The swords and the three gifts, with 1 homemade are great ideas!