Friday, December 31, 2010

it's 4 am on new year's eve

as i write this it's 4 am on new year's eve. the ball hasn't dropped yet, that's about 20 hours away.

i woke up from a dream of a monsoon rain in an open house with many windows in the midst of a lushly green jungle, a shadowed man who loved me and laughing, joyous children. it was delicious. the rain was amazing and clean. the love from that man felt warm and real, and the laughter of the those children dancing in the rain on the verandah was heart filling. at some point in the dream, i was going around the house locking doors in obscure places, because there was sa need to protect and hold onto the fleeting feelings of deliciouness and love. and then i woke up.

hmmmmmm. interesting dream to have at approximately 4 am on new year's eve morning.

so now i'm awake an hour or so before my alarm was due to go off , so that i could get up on time to meet my running group and end the old year doing what i said was going to in one of my resolutions for 2010. as i look back on this past year and remember my goals, i am quite pleased with some things, and looking for ways to improve in the ways i didn't do so well. if you'll recall with me, strengthen was my resolution this year. lots and lots of growing pains this year. amazingly, i do feel stronger in so many ways: taller, experienced, happy, tired and pleased. what a ride this year was.

goodbye 2010. hello 2011.

i promise to
be open to adventures in rain, love, family and life
keep on getting stronger
be more childlike
move more
do new stuff (even, and especially, if it's scary)
plan and carry out the first ever boyer family reunion (it's written down now, so. it. will. happen)
connect my family
spend more time being quiet - scripture study, prayer and meditation
turn off the tv more
finish those unfinished projects
make room for Him and him
save money and travel

here's to a good, somewhat painful at times, amazing year.
and here's hoping this next one is even better.

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Angela said...

Happy New Year! What a nice dream:)